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Irrigation Products



When it comes to the fundamentals of your irrigation system Federal carries all the top grade commercial products you need!




We carry all the contractors favorites, including the Super Pro and RPS75 made by K-Rain.

The SUPERPRO® Rotor, with its patented flow shut-off, allows for easy range and flow adjustment and renders installations easier and drier. With a simple adjustment, you can shut off water flow at the head OR easily modify both flow and distance proportionally without changing nozzles.


The most cost-effective solution on the market, the RPS75® gear drive is high quality, durable and reliable sprinkler designed for basic residential and light commercial applications. A direct replacement for the Hunter PGP® rotor, with K-Rains time-proven, patented reversing mechanism (the same used in the Hunter PGP®), the RPS75® drops directly in an installed Hunter PGP® can.



Spray Heads

Bodies are available in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” & 12” pop up as well as a 7” & 13” telescoping model. We carry a complete line of MPR nozzles in both fixed pattern and adjustable pattern. We also carry the high efficiency rotary nozzles that can save water and money while keeping your landscape healthy. The rotary nozzles fit on any size spray head body and can cover from 8' to 28' and are adjustable from 80° to 360°.



We stock all the most popular models including the K-Rain Pro series with tilt diaphragm design that helps reduce pressure loss and trapped debris. We also keep the WeatherMatic Silver Bullet and N-100 Nitro series, Irritrol 2400 series, Rainbird DV and PGA series, Hunter SRV and PGV series in stock.



Whether you need an indoor or outdoor controller, one zone or 48 zones, wired or wireless we have what you need for efficient watering. Most models are sensor ready. (We have the sensors you need too!). We carry the Weathermatic Smartline and the Smartwire two wire system for larger applications of 18 zones or more. We also carry the RPS and Modular controllers manufactured by K-Rain as well as Rainbird and Hunter controllers. If you need a battery operated controller we have the Simplicity battery powered controller from K-Rain and the Hunter Node battery controllers.



Micro and Drip Irrigation

The perfect solution for hanging baskets, pots, window boxes, landscaped gardens or nurseries. These systems can be connected to an existing irrigation system or hose faucet. We have everything you need to get started, from individual pieces to all inclusive kits from Antelco, Jain, Agrifim and Chapin & NDS.


Pumps and Accessories

From booster pumps to 5HP lake pumps we have the Flint & Walling or PD of Florida pump that will get the job done. We also have the fittings, relays and filters needed for you to complete your installation.


Backflow Preventers and Repair Parts

Do you need a backflow preventer? Maybe a reduced pressure backflow?

Every irrigation system should have some type of a backflow prevention device to ensure that nothing hazardous can get into your potable water. Each of your hose spigots should also have one. We stock both pressure backflows and reduced pressure backflows up to 2” as well as the repair parts for most major brands. For units over 2”, if it's available, we will get it for you. We also stock copper and pex pipe and all the fittings you will need for installation.




And now for everything else!

At Federal Supply we pride ourselves at being able to supply you with everything you will need for your irrigation project from start to finish. As well as all of the above you can find insert fittings from 3/8" to 2", pvc fittings from 1/2" to 4", poly stretch couplers and Blazing Saddles. Poly pipe from 1/2" to 2", pvc pipe from 1/2" to 4" and swing pipe. Wire, wire connectors and wiring tools, stainless steel clamps from Murray Corporation and tools from T. Christy, Dawn & Watley and more.


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