The best way to water plants is through the root zone. Foliage does not need water, the roots do.
By watering above the root zone for long periods of time, distributed evenly you can:
  • Eliminate many diseases that are spread through water contact with the foliage
  • Use less water and therefore save money by eliminating runoff and evaporation
  • Control how much water each plant gets with the use of different valves and emission divices now available for micro irrigation
Two samples of grow room irrigation using products from Jain.

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The Antelco C-Frame Downspray is a 360° spray jet that distributes water evenly across the wetted surface area. Stake assembly options provide savings in labor and installation time.
The CF Downspray incorporates a unique clip mechanism to shut off flow when the watering device is not required. 
Ideal for production nurseries.



  • 45° downspray reduces the effect of wind. 
  • Gentle spray minimizes damage to delicate plant foliage. 
  • Galvanized wire stake assembly with 36” tubing. 
  • Three color coded frames to identify flow rates. 
  • “Quick” thread for easy insertion into tubing. 
  • UV stabilized for long life.


Nurseries, tree lots, potted plants, home and landscaped gardens.