K-Rain RPS75

A direct replacement for the Hunter PGP. The reversing mechanism, a K-Rain patented feature, ensures continuous reverse and return.

K-Rain RPS75i

All the features and benefits of the RPS75 plus flow control. No need to change a nozzle. With the RPS75i, a simple turn of the patented Flow control regulates distance and water flow proportionately – up to 50%.

K-Rain Super Pro

With its patented flow shut-off, allows for easy range and flow adjustment and renders installations easier and drier. With a simple adjustment, you can shut off water flow at the head OR easily modify both flow and distance proportionally without changing nozzles.

K-Rain Select

With four built in nozzles it’s easy to achieve matched precipitation across all arc settings. It also makes it a convenient universal replacement sprinkler for other brands and the riser assembly interchanges with Hunter PGP Rotors.

We also stock rotors from Weathermatic, Hunter, Rainbird and Signature Control Systems.